Aerobic Teen Boy Exercises

by Sara Ipatenco

    If your son immediately thinks of spandex-clad women when you suggest he get some aerobic exercise, you might have a hard time persuading him to get the 60 minutes of physical activity he needs each day for good health. While aerobics dance and choreographed moves are common examples of aerobics, they're far from his only choices. In fact, numerous aerobic activities are well-suited for teen boys.


    Aerobic exercise is exercise that requires you to work out hard enough to get your heart pumping. Playing sports is an excellent way to fit aerobic activity into your boy's day. Encourage your son to join an organized sports team and play soccer, football or basketball. Hockey and lacrosse are other options your child might enjoy. If your son doesn't want to play on a team, encourage him to meet friends at the park and play a spontaneous game of football or meet at the rec center to shoot hoops.

    Running or Jogging

    If your teen is more of solitary exerciser, he might enjoy running or jogging. Both activities count as aerobic exercise and they don't require money or equipment. Encourage your teen to run a mile before dinner each evening or to get up a few minutes early and take a quick jog before school. Challenge him to increase his pace and decrease how long it takes to complete his circuit. While he's working to improve his times, he's also getting plenty of aerobic exercise, which benefits his heart, lungs and entire body.

    Bike Riding

    If your teen has a bicycle gathering dust in the garage, clean it off and encourage your son to ride. Bike riding can get your son's heart pumping to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise, but cycling also boosts the strength of his core and leg muscles. If your son finds riding around the neighborhood boring, seek out riding spots around town that might include trails, hills and parks with ramps and other stunt equipment. Remind your teen to always wear his helmet so his head is protected while he's exercising.

    Additional Exercises

    Swimming is an effective way to add aerobic exercise to your teen's day. Perhaps your son would enjoy joining his school's swim team. He might also enjoy swimming laps at a recreational center on his own time. Require your teen son to take the dog for a walk every afternoon because a brisk walk around the neighborhood is good for his entire body. Rollerblading, skateboarding and hiking are additional aerobic exercises that many teen boys enjoy.

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