How to Announce an Adoption

by Kathryn Hatter

    Welcoming a child into a family is a joyous and momentous occasion, regardless of how the child arrives. When your new addition comes by way of adoption, go ahead and announce your happy news just like you might the birth of a new baby. You can utilize birth announcements, worded carefully, to share your special news with family, friends and acquaintances. Choose blank cards or make your own adoption announcements, so they have exactly the message you want to share with others about the adoption.

    Step 1

    Announce the adoption at the top of the card by saying something like, “Rodney and Carly Peters joyously announce the adoption of their new daughter, Audrey Lynn, age 6 weeks.” Another option: “Rodney and Carly Peters joyously announce the arrival of Audrey Lynn, age 6 weeks.” One more option: “Rodney and Carly Peters happily welcome their daughter Audrey Lynn, age 6 weeks, into their home.”

    Step 2

    Provide birth stats, if you wish. Write the stats in a descending list, starting with “weight” and continuing with “length,” “birth date,” “birth time” and “birthplace.” If you do not have every birth stat or do not wish to include this information, simply omit it. Include the names of older siblings in the announcement, if you wish.

    Step 3

    Add a photo of the child to the birth announcement as well. This could be one of the first photos you took of her when you brought her home, or it might be a professional photo that you had scheduled after the adoption.

    Step 4

    Send the adoption announcement to family, friends, work associates and close colleagues, according to Sandra E. Lamb, author of “How to Write It: Complete Guide to Everything You’ll Ever Write.”

    Step 5

    Announce the adoption in local newspapers or a church newsletter also. The announcement wording might include a brief statement such as, “Rodney and Carly Peters announce the adoption of new daughter Audrey Lynn, age 6 weeks.” If you have room to mention siblings and grandparents, include these names as well.

    Step 6

    Expect surprised reactions from people who did not realize you were adopting. You may receive intrusive questions from people who do not understand etiquette, warns Sidestep any questions you don’t wish to answer by simply saying something like, “We feel very blessed to have her. We’ll have to introduce you soon!”


    • Adoption announcements aren’t for babies only. It’s perfectly appropriate to announce the adoption of an older child as well.


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