Bible Activities for Kids Using Popsicle Sticks

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    “Mommy, Popsicle sticks! Is it time for crafts? YEAH!!” Your preschooler associates Popsicle sticks with crafts, after he eats the Popsicles, of course. He has plenty of reason for this since many of the crafts you help her do include the little wooden sticks. Today, you’re doing Bible activities and you have plenty of options to choose from.


    Popsicle sticks can help your little one make very versatile Bible puppets. Toddlers can glue a picture of the Bible character to the Popsicle stick after the character is decorated. Your preschooler prefers something more grown up because he’s not a baby. He uses Popsicle sticks you cut in half to make legs and feet for larger animal puppets constructed from cardboard tubes. He can glue Sampson’s hands to two Popsicle sticks to remind him that Sampson pulled down the pillars of the Philistine temple in Judges 16:23-30.


    Popsicle sticks make sturdy building materials for small Bible scenes. Have your little one glue rows of sticks together to create the walls of a city or to form the interior structure of the Temple. She can use Popsicle sticks to form the handles that carry the Ark of the Covenant. If she glues a few paper leaves and almonds on one end of a stick it becomes Aaron’s budded rod from Numbers 17. She can sculpt a clay hill and plant three Popsicle stick crosses for Good Friday or Easter.


    Aaron’s rod isn’t the only plant your preschooler can make with Popsicle sticks. He can glue ears of corn on a popsicle stick stalk to represent ears of corn Pharaoh saw in a dream in Genesis 41.Paper barley grains glues on Popsicle sticks could become the barley Ruth gleaned in Boaz’s field in Ruth 2. Add paper branches and leaves to the tree trunk formed by a Popsicle stick and it becomes the fig tree Jesus cursed in Mark 11 or Matthew 21.


    Give your preschooler colorful yarn to go with her Popsicle sticks and she can make pretty God’s eyes to give to family and friends or hang in her room. She can glue Popsicle sticks around her picture and decorate the sticks to remind her she is loved by God or that she is the apple of His eye. She can glue two Popsicle sticks into a cross and decorate the cross with yarn, markers, acrylic jewels or craft foam gems and hang the crosses on a Christmas tree to suspend them with yarn on a hanger to make a cross mobile.

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