How to Care for a Mustache

by Michelle Ullman

    An unkempt mustache looks like an afterthought, rather than a deliberate style choice. Whether your mustache shape is a handlebar, chevron, pencil or Fu Manchu, it takes daily care to keep your facial hair groomed and attractive. With proper cleaning, trimming and styling, a mustache makes a bold statement of masculinity and defines your facial features.

    Step 1

    Wash your mustache daily with your regular facial cleansing product, or clean it with a dab of shampoo in the shower.

    Step 2

    Condition your mustache if your hair is coarse. Try a product specifically made for this purpose, or use a little bit of hair conditioner.

    Step 3

    Work a pea-sized dab of facial moisturizer into the skin under your facial hair if it feels dry or tight.

    Step 4

    Trim your mustache with mustache scissors when it looks untidy, or the hair reaches below the upper edge of your top lip. For some men, this means a weekly trim; for others, it might be every other day.

    Step 5

    Groom the borders of your facial hair with a razor, electric shaver or mustache trimmer. Expect to trim your mustache border at least weekly, though frequency depends on your mustache style and rate of hair growth.

    Step 6

    Comb your mustache daily with a small mustache comb. This keeps hair neatly styled and removes any crumbs or particles from your facial hair.

    Step 7

    Control your mustache's shape with mustache wax. Simple styles like the pencil mustache don't require wax, but you'll need this grooming staple to style upturned edges or create twirled points.


    • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo on your mustache if you develop flaky skin below the hair.

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