Children's Church Crafts for Three & Four Year Old Kids

by Rosenya Faith Google

    Songs and stories are a great way for children to learn about Christianity, but some hands-on activities help to reinforce values, morals and other important lessons. Young minds also tend to wander easily, and this hands-on approach to learning is also more likely to keep them actively engaged in the lesson.

    Crown of Victory

    Help children to understand the victory that Jesus brought with a special crown to celebrate the holiday. You can use your imagination and encourage each child to use his as well. Cut out crown shapes from some silver or gold poster board, or draw the shape and let each child cut it out himself to work on his fine motor skills. Write a special phrase across each crown, such as "Praise Jesus" or "Celebrate the King." Now it is time for his creative side to shine. Provide each child with a variety of different craft supplies, such as stick-on gems, sparkles and glitter, sequins, feathers and stickers. Let him use his creativity and decorate the crown in the most glorious way he can imagine. When the crown is finished, staple the ends together.

    Special Giving

    Teach children about the generosity and charitable nature that Jesus preached to his followers with some special crafts to give to other special people. If you know someone who is unwell or could use some cheering up, have the group create greeting cards from some cardstock, stickers, foam shapes and other craft supplies. Prior to a morning service, have the group work together on one large appreciation card to present to the pastor. Other special handmade gifts to give to friends and family can include crosses made from beads and pipe cleaners, or ceramic ornaments painted with non-toxic paints.

    Memory Cards

    Memorizing scriptures is an important part of Sunday school for many children. You can help them to remember the scriptures by creating some flash cards designed to associate a picture with each scripture. Print the pictures onto cardstock from the computer or draw the pictures yourself. Write the scriptures on the back of each card. Make enough for each child to have a set of his own and present the cards to the group with a special craft activity. Look at the pictures and read the scriptures together as a group and then have each child personalize her flash cards with stickers, a glitter border, ribbon bows or crayons.

    Jesus Loves Me Heart

    Instill this special message in the heart of every child in your group with a personalized craft for each one. Before the craft, ask each child to bring in a picture of themselves. Draw a heart on a large piece of red cardstock and let the children cut out the shape. The kids can paste their picture in the center of the heart and write the message, “Jesus Loves Me” across the bottom. If there is still more time left, the group can use some extra craft supplies to decorate their special hearts.


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