Children's Crafts Made With Popcorn

by Melissa Gagnon

    If popcorn brings back childhood memories of stringing garlands for your holiday tree, chances are you'll enjoy creating different popcorn crafts with your children. Popcorn and popcorn kernels add texture and interest to many different crafts you can make throughout the year with your kids. The biggest callenge of course is trying not to eat it all while crafting!

    Christmas Crafts

    Popcorn balls, popcorn garlands, freshly popped buttered popcorn and a steaming cup of cocoa: Christmas and popcorn go hand in hand. Use popcorn to make fun Christmas crafts that you can give as gifts or use to decorate your own home. Fill clear plastic or glass Christmas ball ornaments with air-popped popcorn and tie the top with a pretty red ribbon to hang on your tree. Popcorn and cranberry garlands look stunning and can be made easily with some thread and a thick sewing needle. Make sure the popcorn is stale before threading it. Have your child hand you the cranberries and popcorn while you thread it to make a pattern. Glue popcorn to a cardboard cutout of a snowman and add googly eyes and red yarn for a scarf.

    Thanksgiving Crafts

    Maize and corn automatically make you think of Thanksgiving, so popcorn crafts are a given for the the harvest celebration. Recycle glass condiment jars to make pretty autumn centerpieces. Fill the jars halfway with popped corn or plain kernels and add a flameless votive candle in the middle. Tie a pretty ribbon around the mouth of the jar. Young children will have fun gluing popped corn onto corncob-shaped cutouts to hang from the mantle or on the door for Thanksgiving.


    Young children are experts at using their imaginations. Place a bowl of popped popcorn on the table with some glue, tissue paper, markers, magazines and paper and watch what unfolds. Consider offering different colored popcorn or some kernels as well. Ask your child as she works on her collage "What will you glue down next? Do you like the popped corn or the kernels better?" Collaging with popcorn can be done using thick paper as a base, or your child can create a collage on cut-out shapes such as the letter P or a wooly lamb.

    Nature Crafts

    Next time you and your child take a walk, let nature inspire you. Later that day, create nature crafts using colored popcorn. Color popped corn by placing it in a plastic bag with some tempera paint and shaking it until coated. Let it dry before using it in a craft. Create nature-inspired posters with markers, paint and popcorn. Popcorn makes great leaves on a tree, flowers and clouds. Mix some un-popped kernels with bird seed and spread a toilet paper roll with peanut butter. Roll the toilet paper roll in the kernel mixture and leave it outside to feed the birds and squirrels.

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