Christmas Bedding for Children

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    If your youngster's bedroom just doesn't look festive enough, some Christmas-themed bedding will add holiday cheer and stand out as the focal point of the room. Dress up the bed with your Christmas-themed finds for the holiday season, or let your kiddo hang onto the bedding to keep a little piece of Christmas all year round.

    Pick One Up

    Whether you want snowmen and Santa, reindeer and wreaths, or a multitude of other Christmas-themed characters on your child's bedding, you'll find a variety of twin-size comforters to accommodate your wishes. There aren't as many options for toddler-size beds, but you won't be left wanting. If a brand new, Christmas-themed bedding set is out of your budget range, opt for an inexpensive green sheet set, white pillowcases, and a plain, red comforter instead. You'll also find a multitude of Christmas-themed fleece throws and blankets to use in place, or in addition to, your child's regular bedding.

    Home Decorated Comforters

    If store bought isn't unique enough for your youngster, but the words “hook” and “chain” make you think about fishing, not crocheting, turn Christmas bedding into a Christmas art activity for your child for a one of a kind comforter. Lay out a plain white comforter or duvet cover on the playroom floor and pull out a big batch of fabric pens, paints and markers. You can let your child draw Christmas pictures freehand, or teach her how to use stencils and fill them in with paint. If she'd like to embellish the comforter more, add some iron-on Christmas decals for her or sew on a few ribbons and bows. Make sure any sewn-on extras are firmly secured to prevent choking hazards for younger toddlers.

    Homemade Comforter

    If you can knit or crochet, than you've got all the skills you need to dress up your little munchkin's bed with Christmas cheer. You can create a simple red, green and white pattern -- a particularly useful idea if it's been a while since you've pulled out a knitting pattern. If you're a crocheting whiz, skip the easy stuff and look for a pattern with a detailed central picture and intricate miniature Christmas images around the outer edge. For example, how about a snowman comforter surrounded by a border of tiny, intricate snowflakes. This is a comforter that your child can enjoy for years to come and pass down to her own children, for generations of Christmas tradition.

    Christmas Memory Quilt

    If you have a storage locker full of old Christmas blankets, sweaters and other Christmas apparel from your own childhood, it's time to clean out the locker and give those old items new purpose in a keepsake quilt for your child. Lay out all the items and cut out square pieces from each. Arrange all these pieces into one large rectangle and sew them together. You can add a fleece fabric backing to finish the blanket and keep your youngster toasty warm, or add a light cotton layer instead to make the quilt a useful bedding addition throughout the whole year. As the years pass, save your own child's Christmas clothing and add new squares to the quilt to make the keepsake even more special.


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