Crafts With Buttons for Preschoolers

by Elizabeth Black

    As a mom, you would love to have a neatly organized craft closet with bins of organized craft ideas ready for your preschooler to complete. But realistically, craft time usually consists of the basics, a coloring book and crayons. Between feeding the baby, trying not to burn dinner and sweeping up animal crackers for the fifth time in one day, you probably don't have time to organize a craft closet. If you are brave enough to expand your craft time in a fairly easy way, button crafts can add some variety to your preschooler's creative time.


    Glam your little princess up by letting her create her own button jewelry. This craft is simple to do and only requires string and, of course, buttons. Your little preschooler can thread the string through the buttons to create necklaces, bracelets and rings. Cut and tie the string off at the appropriate length needed. If your little one is feeling extra glitzy, try finding buttons that are sparkly, star- or heart-shaped.

    Art Pictures

    Your preschooler can get creative and use buttons to create a variety of art pictures. Few supplies are needed, and more than likely you have paper and glue lying around the house. Give your little one some ideas such as creating a snowman, ladybug or a silly face. Create an autumn picture using buttons as leaves or red buttons for apples in a tree.

    Number Game

    Got a shoe box and at least one button? Work on those number skills by creating a very easy craft game. Draw a grid in the box with a number in each box. Using buttons, have your preschooler close his eyes and drop a button into the box. The number he hits equals the points he earns. Preschoolers can play together, or you can join in on the fun. Help them add the points as the game continues.

    Button Letter

    Want a super cute craft that looks straight off Pinterest? If you have excellent letter writing skills, draw your child's first initial in a block font on a piece of card-stock. Not so artistic? Print one off the computer. Have your preschooler glue various colored buttons inside the letter, and when it dries, you will have an adorable button letter that can be framed and hung in your child's room.

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