Doily Crafts for Toddlers

by Kelly Sundstrom

    When you think of doilies, you might imagine those old-fashioned things that your grandmother used to lay over tables and the arms of chairs. However, craft doilies are made of paper, perfect for creating pretty cards, crafts and decorations for different holidays. If you are looking for a versatile craft material that you can use with your toddlers, paper doilies are the way to go. They come in a variety of shapes, and are beautiful and safe for your little ones to work with.

    Doily Animals

    Does your little one love animals? Use doilies to create whimsical animal figures! You can find doilies that feature animal patterns and prints at a craft store, such as a giraffe or zebra print. Wrap a patterned doily around a toilet paper tube, then draw on eyes and legs with markers. Or, color white doilies with pastel markers to create butterfly doilies. Pinch the doilies in the middle so that they splay out like wings, and wrap a colorful pipe cleaner around it to hold the doily butterfly in place. You could even make a few doily butterflies to hang up in your toddler's room.

    Seasonal Doily Crafts

    Are you looking for easy and inexpensive holiday crafts that you can do with your little one? Use doilies to make a wide variety of seasonal crafts with your toddlers. Decorate red, heart-shaped doilies with stickers or markers for Valentine's Day. You could even draw a little face on the heart doilies to make a whimsical heart figure. For winter holidays, curl round, white doilies into a cone, taping it closed. Then glue on a pom pom to create a simple doily angel. Use pom poms that are at least 2 inches wide to avoid choking hazards for your little one.

    Doily Flowers

    Does your little toddler like to pick beautiful flowers? Use doilies to create a colorful paper garden that your child can enjoy all year long. Cut colored doilies with toddler-safe scissors and layer them on a sheet of construction paper to create beautiful 2D flowers. You can also make 3D flowers for a doily flower bouquet. Glue together a few differently shaped doilies and pinch the middle. Twist a green pipe cleaner around the pinch, leaving the end of the pipe cleaner long. Create a few of these doily flowers to make a colorful bouquet.

    Personalized Doily Crafts

    Some higher-end doilies may look like a watercolor painting or intricate lacework. Instead of cutting up or altering these doilies to turn them into animals or flowers, use them to make a personalized doily picture for your toddler's room. Write your child's name on the flat center area of the doily with a paint pen or glitter glue, and add dots or swirls around the edges for embellishment. Once dry, glue the doily into a picture frame for display.

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