Early Morning Activities for Preschoolers

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    If you have a preschooler who gets up before the sun is out, before the coffee maker it on and before you can pry your gritty eyes open, then you have an early bird. Early risers need activities to do in the morning so that everyone keeps their sanity. If they know their morning tasks, you can have a few more quiet moments to drink your coffee before you start barking orders.

    Quiet Time

    If you have a preschooler that just wants to get up before the rooster crows, you are going to need some quiet time in the morning. Put a clock in your child's room and teach her the basics. She won't be able to tell time quite yet, but you can tell her "do not come out of your room before the first number is 7." Explain that she can always come out to go to the bathroom or if she needs help, but otherwise, the earlier numbers mean quiet time. Give her some activities she can do in bed, like browsing books, listening to music or playing with toys.

    Getting Ready

    When it's time to get up, your toddler can master quiet a few tasks on her own. She won't be ready to make you coffee, but you can lay out her clothes for her and she can get dressed. You can also tell her to go potty and brush her hair before she starts the day. These little things make your life a lot easier so when she's ready, have get ready with as little help as possible.


    Scrambled eggs aren't on the list of food your preschooler can make in the morning. But, if you wash and cut some fruit the night before and open a container of yogurt, she can pull it off a low shelf and have a snack. You should be up by this time, to make sure she doesn't choke, but this activity gives her a little independence and teaches her about healthy food choices. It also gives you a few more minutes to wake up before she starts really getting going.


    The morning is the perfect time for some light exercise. You won't want to do intensive cardio or weight training with your wee one, but you can enjoy some mother daughter yoga or a bike ride. This will give you both a feel-good attitude for the day and even if you don't get in your own workout, at least you know you did something physical.

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