Golf Ball Crafts for Preschoolers

by Kelly Sundstrom

    Does your husband play a lot of golf -- and tend to leave old golf balls around the house? Instead of complaining, start collecting and using them in whimsical craft projects sure to delight your preschoolers. Brainstorm with your kids, encouraging them to come up with creative ways to transform a bucket full of golf balls.

    Golf Ball Snowman

    You can help your kids transform old golf balls into snowmen! Each preschooler will need at least three golf balls, preferably white. Glue the golf balls together end-to-end, using hot glue, into a tall stack. Keep the hot glue out of the reach of the children. Once the glue cools completely, allow your preschoolers to draw or paint on the golf balls to create a snowman face and charcoal buttons. Glue on doll clothing as accessories, such as a top hat and scarf, using hot glue.

    Golf Ball Ice Cream Cones

    Golf balls can transform into make-believe ice cream cones that your preschoolers can use in a play kitchen. Create a cone out of cardboard, and paint it to look like an ice cream cone using acrylic or tempera paint. Glue the golf ball inside the cardboard cone -- and then let your preschooler decorate the top of the cone by gluing on pieces of felt fabric with a glue stick to resemble sprinkles.

    Glitzy Golf Balls

    Do you have a preschooler who really loves sparkly and glittery toys? Show her how to make glitzy golf balls! Allow your child to decorate old golf balls using colorful craft materials. For example, squeeze small dots of glitter glue into each crater of the golf ball to make it sparkle. You can also add tiny and shimmery buttons and bows. Glue the glitzy golf balls onto a string to hang as a fun decoration in her room.

    Golf Ball Planets

    If you have a preschooler who loves to learn about the planets, you can show him how to turn used golf balls into colorful planets, suns and moons that he can display around his room. Use a poster or a book about planets as a guide to help your preschooler paint and decorate the golf balls to resemble planets. You can also encourage him to create his own planets that no one has discovered yet!

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