Holiday Door Ideas for Preschoolers

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    Does it seem like every time you turn around, you are preparing for another holiday? If you love to deck your halls with boughs of holly in the winter or make your house look haunted in autumn, you can involve your tot and turn the decorating session into a fun lesson on the holiday at hand by sprucing up the front door or even your child's bedroom door together.


    For Mother's Day or Father's Day, cover the door with a sheet of newsprint and let your child place finger paint hand prints all over it. Ask your child to name helpful things Mom or Dad does and write one on each hand. For Earth Day, tape a large construction paper circle to the door and cut out several paper petals. Help your child think of ways to help the Earth and write one idea on each petal, taping them to the flower as you go.


    Start summer with a bang by decorating for July 4. Give your preschooler paper plates to color, paint and embellish with glue and glitter. Cut slits around the outer edge so the plates look like exploding fireworks to hang on the door. Another holiday your little one will love is Grandparents Day, which falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper and leaves out of green or other colors. Photocopy pictures of your child's grandparents and great grandparents to glue to some of the leaves.


    For Halloween, glue black paper circles onto two paper plates and affix them to the door for eyes. Give your tyke a variety of body parts, clothing and other embellishments cut from paper and help tape them onto the door to create a custom door monster. At Thanksgiving, cut out a turkey's head and neck, draw on his beak and eyes, and tape it to the center of the door. Cut a dozen feathers or more from fall-colored paper and write something your preschooler is thankful for on each one before taping them around the turkey.


    Once the December holiday decorations come down, you can prepare for others, such as Groundhog Day, which is February 2. Draw and decorate a door-size groundhog. Help your child trace the animal onto black paper and cut it out to make his shadow. You can put it up ahead of time if you are wagering he'll see that shadow or wait until the day old Punxsutawney Phil actually steps out of his vacation home on Gobbler's Knob.

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