How to Host a Teacher's Luncheon

by Kathryn Hatter

    When you want to show the teachers at your child’s school that everyone appreciates and values their services and hard work, a teacher’s luncheon can be an enjoyable and effective gesture. Although a luncheon requires work and planning, it’s worth the effort in the end when you see how much it means to the teachers you honor. As host, you’re in charge of the event, so ensure that you oversee all the planning and implementation.

    Step 1

    Recruit volunteers to provide assistance with planning and executing the luncheon. You might need individuals to help organize the menu, purchase luncheon items such as paper products and plastic cutlery, choose small gifts for the teachers, decorate, as well as plan the entertainment or games. Ensure that you have enough volunteers on hand to adequately assist you.

    Step 2

    Choose a date that fits with school schedules. Determine the location of the luncheon and the time as well.

    Step 3

    Make and send invitations to the teachers who you will honor at the luncheon about one month prior to the event. These invitations might be informal email invites or they could be homemade cards.

    Step 4

    Provide specific instructions to your volunteers for any food items you specifically want and the dishes you want to use. If you decide not to use all plastic and paper products, label dishes, glasses and utensils to prevent items from being lost. Instruct volunteers to bring warm food items already cooked and still warm at a specific time to eliminate the need for warming up food prior to serving it.

    Step 5

    Oversee the various areas of the luncheon to ensure the planning and preparation proceeds accordingly. Make sure the decorations are suitable and installed correctly and any chosen games are appropriate and entertaining. Wrap the gifts to get them ready to give to the teachers.

    Step 6

    Arrive at the site of the luncheon several hours before it will start, along with your volunteer crew. Set the tables, decorate the room, organize the gifts and prepare the entertainment or games. Arrange the food table to create a buffet for your guests. Set up the food table about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the luncheon.

    Step 7

    Seat the teachers as they arrive. Make sure every guest has a spot to sit at a table. Pour beverages for the guests to help them feel comfortable.

    Step 8

    Invite guests to serve themselves food by proceeding through the buffet line. Monitor the food on the buffet, removing empty containers and replacing them as necessary.

    Step 9

    Coordinate the entertainment while the teachers enjoy their luncheon. You might provide lighthearted speeches, skits or music that the students perform.

    Step 10

    Present the teachers with the prepared gifts at the end of the luncheon.

    Step 11

    Lead the volunteers in the clean-up work to conclude the teacher’s luncheon. Return food containers and utensils to those who provided them. Discard all paper products and plastic cutlery. Disassemble the decorations, throwing them away if they are disposable or saving them for another luncheon event if possible.

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