Kids Activities in Gurnee, IL

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    The village of Gurnee in Illinois is part of the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Thanks to its location halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, it is home to a large mall and a large amusement park. But more affordable and structured kids activities are available in Gurnee. You can probably find whatever kind of kids activity that you are looking for in Gurnee.

    Warren-Newport Public Library

    Visiting the library is a enriching activity for kids of all ages. Gurnee's Warren-Newport Public Library ( has several types of story times for kids. Family Drop-in Story Time is on weekday evenings so families can come to story time with all their kids. On several weekday mornings, parents can attend Baby Steps, Story Tots or Preschool Story Times with their kids. Baby Steps is for children younger than 2, Story Tots for 2- to 3-year-olds and Preschool for 3- to 5-years-old. Each class consists of stories, songs and movement.

    Gurnee Park District

    The Gurnee Park District ( provides lots of kids activities. Obviously, you can find parks with playgrounds such as Betty Russell Park, Providence Park and Gowe Memorial Park. Walking trails can be found throughout the village. But in Gurnee, the park district provides many activities for children. Swimming classes occur throughout the year, with parent and tot classes for babies to 4-year-olds and independent classes for those 4 and older. Also, dance classes are available for kids from 22 months old through high school. Gymnastics classes cater to babies as young as 4 months and kids can start martial arts classes when they are 4 years old. See the program guide link in the references section for a full listing of all classes the Gurnee Park District provides.

    Six Flags Great America

    Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor Water Park ( are exciting activities for older kids. Those under 4 feet tall, or younger than 7, will need to stick to certain areas of the park, like Camp Cartoon and Kidzopolis, to find appropriate rides. Characters from the Looney Tunes, Justice League and Scooby Doo stroll around the park and are happy to meet their youngest fans. Starting in the summer 2013, evenings will end with igNight, a grand fireworks and visual effects show.

    Gurnee Mills Mall

    The Gurnee Mills Mall ( does have some kids activities. A reptile zoo called Serpent Safari ( gives kids the opportunity to see crocodiles, an albino alligator, anacondas, pythons and boa constrictors. Families might also enjoy Rink Side Sports (, which has arcade games, laser tag and indoor mini golf. The rink has both open skate times and skating lessons, with parent and tot classes beginning for those as young as 2 years old.

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