Help Lines for Teens

by Victoria Georgoff

    Teenagers are facing more pressure today than ever before and -- let’s face it -- there are some things they have difficulty talking to Mom and Dad about. Teen help lines are a way for teens to reach out to someone for help when the day is feeling particularly dark. It is important to stress to your teen that she can talk to you about anything -- and if she should ever feel as though she can’t -- she should talk to someone else. Making your teen aware of resources before she is in crisis can make all the difference.

    Teen to Teen

    Sometimes a teen just wants to talk to another teen, whether it is for advice on dating, problems with cutting or just needing to vent about the parents. A teen-to-teen helpline may help teens open up more than to an adult. Some websites and phone lines are staffed by teen volunteers and available to teens in need via online chat, messages boards to post questions or a toll-free number. The site is operated for and by teens. In addition to various communication options, it is filled with videos, stories and printable resources. offers help through their Samariteen program, a 24-hour phone helpline specifically aimed at suicide prevention in teens. The phones are staffed by teens and by adult volunteers. is another organization offering help by both teen and adult volunteers.

    Suicide Prevention

    According to the non-profit organization, suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people aged 15 to 24. As scary as it is for any parent to think about, teens need resources specifically geared to help with suicidal thoughts. The organization offers a comprehensive website and toll free numbers for youth to talk to. is a national suicide prevention hotline that is available 24 hours a day.

    Teen Health and Wellness

    Teen Health and Wellness is a site dedicated to virtually all areas a teen may need to talk to someone about. A teen need not be in crisis to receive benefits from a helpline. With topics ranging from teen pregnancy, bullying, depression and anxiety to alcohol, grief and running away, the site provides links and resources to hotlines, websites and non-profits across the country. A site dealing with all things teen makes it a resource for your teen and her friends to be aware of.

    Drugs and Alcohol

    Teens are faced with seemingly endless amounts of peer pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and though we try protect them as long as possible, sometimes our kids wind up with the wrong crowd. Many resources are available to help teens struggling with substance abuse, as well as parents wondering how to help their teen. provides online chatting and a toll free hotline to provide support for teens facing addiction. The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center also has live chat and help lines available to help through a crisis and finding rehab centers for teens and adults alike.

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