How Long Does it Take to Pickle an Egg?

by Maxine Wallace

    With countless variations and styles of pickled eggs from sweet to spicy, there is sure to be one that suits your tastes. Generally made quickly and simply, pickled eggs take a while to cure and really soak up the flavors of their pickling brine. Always keep pickled eggs refrigerated.

    Pickling Egg Basics

    Most egg pickling recipes call for one to two weeks of refrigeration in the brine before the eggs are ready to eat, but it can take three or four weeks for large eggs. During this time, the eggs absorb the flavors. Piercing each egg several times through to the yolk will help speed up the process. Use bantam chicken or quail eggs for faster pickling -- these eggs are much smaller and take less time to become pickled. Refrigerated, pickled eggs remain fresh for three to four months.

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