How to Make a Child's Cowboy Vest With Felt

by Rosenya Faith Google

    If your kiddo always has his head in the clouds and loves a good afternoon of imaginative play, you can add to his repertoire of costumes as you watch the wheels turn as he plots his next adventure. Your little munchkin will love dressing up for Halloween or make-believe in this easy-to-make felt cowboy vest. A simple costume like this can lead his imaginative little mind to the Wild West of sharpshooters and fearless cowboys. And the costume doesn't even have to break the bank.

    Items you will need

    • Old T-shirt
    • Felt, about 2 yards
    • Tailor's chalk
    • Sewing pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Decorative thread
    Step 1

    Lay out one of his old T-shirts on your work surface. You know the one -- the one you nearly threw in the trash last week. Cut off the sleeves and cut a V-neck shape for the neckline. Cut the shirt open down the middle. Now, you've got a template for your little munchkin's felt vest.

    Step 2

    Cut apart the T-shirt along the seams. You should end up with a front left, front right and a back from the shirt.

    Step 3

    Lay these three template pieces on your felt and trace around the outside of the templates. You can set aside the T-shirt pieces now, to use for cloths or other projects.

    Step 4

    Cut out the pieces of the vest from the felt and lay the right and left sides on top of the back with the side edges aligned. Sew a straight stitch down these sides to join the pieces of the vest together.

    Step 5

    Cut out some long strips of a different color felt. You'll need the strips to be about 1 1/2 inches wide. You'll need one for along the bottom of the vest, one for around the neckline and one for the right and left sides of the front opening.

    Step 6

    Fold each strip of felt over the vest fabric. Each edge of the vest should be sandwiched in between the folded felt strips. This is the trim for the vest. Pin all these strips in place to prevent wiggling.

    Step 7

    Use a decorative thread or one of the same color as your strips, to sew a straight stitch along each of the strips.

    Step 8

    Cut one more piece for the vest .Make it the same length as the hem of the vest and about 3 inches wide. Use your scissors to make slits along the entire length about every 1/2 inch. This makes a fringe for the bottom of the vest.

    Step 9

    Pin the fringe in place beneath the hem of the vest and sew it in place with the same thread as the trim.


    • You can add other decorative embellishments to the vest, such as a felt badge, a fringe along the neckline or a felt pocket or two in the front.

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