How to Make a Necktie for Kids to Wear

by Rosenya Faith Google

    You're planning on attending a special event with your little guy, and you've already forked out a small fortune for your formal wear -- and his. Save your shrinking budget and make his little necktie at home. You're frugal, you're savvy and you'll both look marvelous -- so show off your smarts with your couture skills, and make the tie from that old dress shirt of your husband's that's been hiding in the back of the closet.

    Items you will need

    • Adult necktie
    • Old dress shirt (or 1/2-yard of fabric)
    • Tailor’s chalk
    • Sewing pins
    • Sewing machine and thread
    • Hook and loop fastener
    Step 1

    Lay an adult's tie flat on your new fabric and trace around the outer edges with tailor's chalk. You've got the general idea of the shape for the necktie, but it's a bit too large for his little neck.

    Step 2

    Slide the shorter end of the tie upward about 8 inches and draw the end at that point. Now, the tie is a better length. Measure inward about 3/4-inch all the way around the chalk line you've made. Make a new line that mimics the outer line there. Now, you've got a better size template for the necktie.

    Step 3

    Cut out your new template and lay it on another piece of fabric. You can use the same fabric for the backing or something a bit more plain, instead. Cut out the second shape.

    Step 4

    Lay the two pieces together with the good side of each piece facing inward. Pin the outer edges together to prevent them from wiggling around and out of place.

    Step 5

    Sew around the outer edges, leaving one small gap to invert the fabric through later. Sew about 1/4-inch away from the edge, the seam allowance. Flip the fabric right side out through that little gap you left and then fold those edges inward and sew to close the gap. Now you've made the tie, but you'll need a neckband.

    Step 6

    Measure around your little guy's neck and add about 2 inches. Cut a strip of the same fabric as the tie that measures this length by about 2 inches wide.

    Step 7

    Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with good sides inward and sew. Flip the fabric right side out through one of the little ends and sew the ends closed.

    Step 8

    Cut two 1-inch long pieces of hook and loop fastener. Sew one piece to one end of the band and one to the other end of the band.

    Step 9

    Fold the first tie piece in half over the neckband. Wrap the smaller back end around the front of the tie, up behind the neckband and through the little "knot" you've made from these actions. That's it! Your little guy's little necktie is complete.

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