Nutritional Breakfasts

by Sally Murphy

    Many typical breakfast foods resemble dessert more than breakfast. Even though kids might be drawn to sugar-filled cereals and pastries in the morning, later in the day they will wind up feeling sluggish and sleepy because of sugar crash. Give your kids a boost at school and play with a flavorful, nutrition-packed breakfast.


    Get creative and a little fancy with eggs by cooking a veggie-filled quiche for your family. Combine eggs, milk and plenty of fresh greens, such as broccoli and spinach. Use a packet of dry dip mix for an easy seasoning. For a boost of extra protein, add turkey or ham in with the veggies. Bake the quiche in a whole-grain pie crust. If your kids enjoy seafood, scrambled eggs nicely complement a smoked salmon spread, which provides essential omega-3 fatty acids. Combine the two on whole-wheat bread


    Crepes are similar to pancakes, but add a little international fun to your breakfast table. Use a basic whole-grain pancake recipe and add an extra egg and a bit of additional milk. Spread the pancake batter as thin as possible, resulting in nicely browned pancakes that are about as thin as tortillas. For a nutritional breakfast, fill the crepe with healthy options such as peanut butter, sliced fruit or cream cheese. Roll each crepe into a thin and tasty wrap.


    When prepared as part of a balanced breakfast, fruits offer a boost of nutrition. If your kids aren't enthused about oatmeal, switch things up by cooking oatmeal pancakes, bursting with berries or apple slices. Instead of syrup, top the pancakes with jam and extra fruit slices. Assemble customized granola, using dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries, mango, pineapple or banana chips. Mix with rolled oats, a pinch of wheat germ and brown sugar for sweetener.


    To shake up a routine of traditional breakfast foods, encourage kids to try nutritious foods usually associated with lunch or dinner. Serve a slice of vegetable pizza, made with whole-wheat crust and piled with tomatoes, green peppers, black olives and mozzarella. Kids will love eating pizza for breakfast without sacrificing nutrition. A baked potato loaded with cheese and broccoli also acts as a nutritional powerhouse, especially with slices of turkey or crumbled bacon added on top for protein.

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