What to Do With Pizza Dough When You're Not Ready to Cook It

by Jackson Tremaine

    Pizza has come a long way since its debut on the Italian peninsula, circa 1700s. Since then, the Western world has topped pizza slices with a great many ingredients in homes far and wide. One challenge is how to use or store pizza dough you're not quite ready to cook. As it turns out, storing pizza dough for a short while in the fridge actually improves its overall texture.

    Shape your unused pizza dough into a ball and anoint it with a thin layer of oil. Stick the ball into a small ceramic bowl or plastic container. Cover the container tightly with plastic wrap. Transfer the dough to your fridge and let the dough sit in for three to five days. This resting stage allows for "retardation," or cold/slow fermentation. It results in dense, crispy crust and has been a secret employed by professional pizzerias for decades. Freeze all dough you do not use within five to 10 days; it will keep fresh for up to three months. To freeze, lightly coat the dough balls with nonstick spray or oil. Transfer them to freezer bags and seal the bags, forcing out all excess air.

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