Preschool Activities on Foxes

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    Brighten you preschooler’s afternoon with some foxy fun activities. Books, picnics, tails and puppets are quite clever. Add some blue goo and some blocks and it’s even better. Your little critter is sure to enjoy making more furry forest friends along the way. Just ensure they’re housebroken before letting them stay.

    Fox in Sox

    Read Dr. Seuss’ book “Fox in Sox.” Let your preschooler choose some colorful socks for your afternoon activity adventure. Pull out the wooden blocks and make tall stacks of blocks while wearing your socks. Move on to the kitchen for some more fun. Add blue food coloring to water and add it to cornstarch until it just starts to run, run, run. Poke it with your finger, if you dare, and don’t worry, it won’t cause a scare.

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Read Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” Find a long tube sock that has lost its mate. Have your preschooler use markers to make a fox tail design on this lonely sock. Once he is finished, stuff the sock with balled up newspaper. Safety pin the tail to the back of your kiddos pants or belt and let him pretend to be Mr. Fox or one of his foxy friends.

    Fox Puppets

    Turn an empty lunch paper bag into a fox friend. Have your preschooler cut pieces of construction paper out to make the eyes, nose, mouth and any other part of the fox that he feels it needs. Use a glue stick to keep them in place. Once he’s finished, he can slip his hand inside the bag and use it as a fox puppet.

    Fox Picnic

    Gather some forest friends for a carpet picnic. Let your preschooler grab a stuffed fox and some other stuffed friends for this. Arrange them on a blanket that has been spread out on the floor. Prepare some food for this picnic. Opt for non-messy foods, such as fresh fruit, pretzels or cheese and crackers, unless you want to clean up after his messy furry friends. Put it in a picnic basket, if you have one handy. Now enjoy the fox picnic with you little one and the gang.


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