Preschool Activities Using Whipped Cream

by Zora Hughes

    If there is one thing nearly all preschoolers love to do, it is getting messy. When you are doing crafts with your child, this typically involves paint, markers and glue. However, it's just as much fun to make a mess in the kitchen with food. Use whipped cream to facilitate sensory activities that both teach your preschooler and let her have a ton of fun.

    Whipped Cream Letters

    On a clean table or two large plates, pour out some fresh whipped cream from a can. Sit down next to your preschooler, and encourage him to follow you drawing letters in the whipped cream. Show him how to spell out the letters in his name. For an advance tot, show him how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters in the whipped cream. You can also draw shapes and numbers.

    Whipped Cream Colors

    Place a scoop each of whipped topping in individual bowls. Add just a drop of food coloring in the bowls so that you have a variety of colors. Let your preschooler mix the food coloring in and observe how the whipped cream is changing. Allow her to taste just a little from the different bowls to show her that although the food coloring changed the color, it did not change the taste. This is a great activity to teach not only colors, but how people may look different, yet are all the same on the inside.

    Make Your Own Whipped Cream

    Another fun activity is to show your preschooler that whipped cream is easy to make at home. Pour a pint of heavy cream in a bowl. Help your child safely use the electric hand mixer to mix the cream. Explain that the mixer is adding air to the cream, which is how it will get fluffy. Watch your your child's amazement as the cream starts to thicken and whip up. Stop when slightly stiff peaks have formed.

    Whipped Cream Picture Snack

    Use the whipped cream you and your preschooler just made to make a creative snack. To make an edible sky scene, start out with a plate, a blue one if you have it. Allow your preschooler to place two or three whipped cream clouds on the plate. Use golden raisins to add a sun in one corner. Slice apples to look like bird wings underneath the clouds. Another idea is to make blue-colored jello beforehand and top it with a whipped cream cloud.

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