Rainbow Snack Ideas

by Erik Devaney
    While a sprinkled doughnut may demonstrate the colors of the rainbow, it is not a healthy snack choice.

    While a sprinkled doughnut may demonstrate the colors of the rainbow, it is not a healthy snack choice.

    Make some rainbow-colored treats as a culinary option to brighten your child's day and to add some color to snack time. Bringing the bright colors of rainbows out of the sky and into the kitchen can help get your children excited about eating and about eating healthy. Apart from dishing out multi-colored candies to your kids, there are several ideas that can help you bring rainbow snacks to life.


    Use rainbow snacks as tools for teaching your kids about the different colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. For older kids, rainbow snacks can serve as tools for teaching how rainbows create these colors by diverting sunlight into its full spectrum of color using airborne water droplets. In addition to teaching kids about colors and the science of rainbows, rainbow snacks present the perfect opportunity for introducing kids to healthy, natural foods.

    Rainbow of Health

    The fruits and vegetables that grow on our planet possess many of the colors of the rainbow. For a healthy snack, build a snack platter with fruits and vegetables representing the colors of the rainbow. Try strawberries or cherries to represent red, orange or cantaloupe slices for orange, banana or pineapple chunks for yellow and green melon slices or green grapes for green. Finish with stripes of blueberries and purple grapes. To incorporate vegetables into a healthy rainbow snack platter, use tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell peppers, broccoli, blue corn chips and purple onion slices or purple cabbage, depending on what your kids like better. Encourage picky eaters to eat these healthy snacks by providing a creamy dipping sauce.

    Food Coloring Fun

    Use colored gelatin or food coloring to create rainbow snacks and get kids more involved in the food preparation process. Have your kids dip pieces of fruit, like banana, into cups of powdered, colored gelatin so that each piece takes on a different color of the rainbow. Paint slices of bread with food coloring so that the bread takes on the pattern of a rainbow. Kids can then toast their bread and -- as the child activities resource website Child Fun notes -- observe how the colors grow more vibrant.

    Taste the Layers

    Kids can assemble replicas of rainbows using food of different colors to mimic the pattern of a rainbow. Have your kids pour different-colored layers of gelatin into clear plastic cups, so that each day a new color of the rainbow forms on top of the last. Instruct your kids to place the red gelatin at the bottom, then work up to orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Be sure that each color sets completely before adding the next color. For a healthier rainbow, have your kids create necklaces or bracelets of different-colored fruits or veggies. Kids should string a red fruit or veggie, like a strawberry or cherry tomato, onto a piece of kitchen twine or string and work their way up to stringing on a purple fruit or veggie, like a purple grape or slice of purple carrot.

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