Scarecrow Crafts for Preschoolers to Make

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    Autumn brings colorful trees, a cooler breeze and a fun opportunity for some scarecrow crafts for your preschooler. You can make a variety of different crafts from things you’ve probably already got stored in a craft box, or you can move craft time into the kitchen and make some tasty scarecrow treats for her to decorate instead.

    Paper Bag Scarecrow

    Have your little munchkin make a paper bag scarecrow head that he can use in puppet play later. Start with the plain paper bag and add some googly eyes, a triangle for his nose and draw on a mouth. (The closed end of the bag is the top of the scarecrow’s head.) For the hair, cut different lengths of yellow construction paper and glue these around the top of his head. Cut a dome shape from brown construction paper and then cut out a brim shape that like a half oval with jagged teeth on one side. Glue the dome shape to the brim and then glue these onto your scarecrow. Now it's time to stuff the bag with newspaper, tissue paper or even cotton balls. Spread some glue around the top of a paper towel tube and push it into the middle of the bag. Squeeze the bottom of the bag closed and tie a ribbon around it to hold it closed. Voila! Now you have a scarecrow puppet head.

    Tasty Scarecrow Treats

    What better way to learn about scarecrows and celebrate autumn than with some tasty scarecrow sugar cookies. Get your little chef involved in the baking activity by allowing him to add the ingredients and taste the batter. Roll out the dough, cut scarecrow shapes with cookie cutters, and then bake and cool the treats. While the cookies are cooling, set out some delicious toppings for your preschooler to decorate her scarecrows, like orange and brown icing, orange- and yellow-colored sugars, and orange, yellow and brown candy-coated chocolates. Let her show off her creative side as she transforms the plain cookies into adorable little scarecrows.

    Lollipop Scarecrow

    Cut out the pieces for this one ahead of time and then let your little guy transform ordinary lollipops into autumn scarecrows. Start with a little piece of white fabric, big enough to cover up the lollipop. Cut out two triangles of brown fabric for his hat and some little yellow strips of felt for his hair. Let him decorate his scarecrow with googly eyes or draw on the whole face with fabric markers. Now he can add the hat and hair, then slide the scarecrow over the lollipop. Tie a little piece of twine beneath the lollipop to hold the scarecrow in place.

    Paper Plate Scarecrow

    Your preschooler can make her paper plate scarecrow as plain or as elaborate as she likes. Start with a simple paper plate and let her cover it with skin-colored construction paper or color it with crayons instead. Cut out a hat shape from some brown construction paper, and the fringe from his collar from some red and yellow construction paper. Cut out eyes, a triangle nose and a long little line for his mouth. She can add a few extra decorations with markers, crayons and stickers to personalize her craft.


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