Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification

by Luanne Kelchner

    One out of every two job recruiters prefers human resources professionals with an HR certification, according to the HR Certification Institute. The institute reports there are over 130,000 certified human resources professionals in over 100 countries, at the time of publication. The Senior Professional in Human Resources certification is for those professionals in HR who plan human resources policies in organizations and have a strong knowledge of all disciplines in the field.

    Eligibility Requirements for Certification

    To qualify for the certification examination, applicants must have a combination of education and experience in a professional-level human resources position. The amount of experience candidates must have depends on their level of education. Applicants with a master's degree must have four years of experience in a professional human resources position. Those seeking certification with a bachelor's degree must have five years of experience and those with a high school diploma can qualify for the examination with seven years of experience in human resources.

    SPHR Examination

    Human resources professionals seeking the SPHR credential must pass an examination consisting of 175 multiple-choice questions. The test covers areas such as business management and strategy, human resources development, workforce planning and employment, risk management, compensation and benefits, and labor relations. Candidates have three hours to complete the examination. To pass the examination, candidates must have a score of at least 500 out of a possible maximum score of 700 on the test.

    Preparing for the SPHR Examination

    The HR Certification Institute recommends reviewing the body of knowledge on the SPHR examination. The institute offers a certification handbook that includes the material covered on the test. In addition, students may purchase a certification guide that includes practice examinations and explanations for the correct answers. The Society for Human Resource Management offers a certification preparation tool that includes practice questions and resources for studying for the SPHR examination.

    Recertification Requirements

    Human resources workers with the SPHR credential must recertify every three years. To maintain the certification, credential holders must complete 60 credit hours of continuing education during the three-year certification period. The HR Certification Institute requires recertification candidates with the SPHR credential to complete a minimum of 15 hours of the 60 credit-hour requirement in business management and strategy.

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