How to Switch Photos From Your iPod to an iPhone

by David Wayne Google

    The software on iPods and iPhones supports syncing photos with iTunes or iCloud, so that pictures on one device appear automatically on another when connected to your computer or a Wi-Fi network. An iCloud account includes 5GB of free storage, and once you activate it on your devices, photos you take or import on your iPod appear in the Photo Stream album of your other iOS devices. Syncing photos on your computer works differently, and iTunes enables you to choose a folder for storing your photos and syncing them with other devices.


    Step 1

    Connect your iPod to your computer and launch iTunes. If iTunes isn't installed on your computer, visit the Apple site to download the latest version (link in Resources).

    Step 2

    Click the “Library” button if it's displayed in the menu bar. If the “iTunes Store” button is visible, you're already viewing the iTunes Library and you don't need to click the button.

    Step 3

    Click “iPod” and choose the “Summary” tab. Ensure that “Enable Disk Use” is selected in the Options section and click “Apply.”

    Step 4

    Press the “Windows” key, type “Photos” and press “Enter.” Right-click the application background, choose “Import” and select your iPod from the list of devices.

    Step 5

    Click the thumbnail previews to select or deselect photos individually, or click “Select All” or “Clear Selection” to select or deselect all photos. Click “Import” to copy the selected photos to a folder in your Pictures directory. The name of the folder is displayed next to the “Import” button.

    Step 6

    Press the “Windows” key and click “Desktop.” Connect your iPhone to your computer and then click “iPhone” in the iTunes menu bar.

    Step 7

    Click the “Photos” tab and enable “Sync Photos From.” Click the drop-down menu, select “Choose Folder” and choose the folder that contains your imported photos. Click “Apply” to transfer them to your iPhone. The album appears in your iPhone's Photos application and has the name of the folder in your Pictures directory.


    Step 1

    Confirm your iPod and iPhone are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Tap “Settings” and “iCloud” on your iPod, and then enter your Apple ID and password when prompted. Repeat this step with your iPhone. If you don't have an Apple ID, visit the Apple site to create one (link in Resources).

    Step 2

    Tap “Photos” on your iPod and choose the “Photo Stream” tab. Tap the “Plus” sign to add a new album to Photo Stream, and tap the “Name” field to enter an album name. Tap “Create” to return to the list of photo albums.

    Step 3

    Choose the new album and tap “Edit” and “Add.” Choose a photo album from the list of albums on your iPod and tap individual photos in the album to select them. Tap “Done” to add the selected photos to the new Photo Stream album. Uploading the photos to iCloud can take several minutes.

    Step 4

    Tap “Photos” on your iPhone and choose “Photo Stream.” The new album appears in the list of Photo Stream albums on your iPhone.


    • To sync your Photo Stream albums with your computer, download the iCloud Control Panel from the Apple website (link in Resources).

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