Toddler Activities in the Toledo Library

by Samantha Kemp

    You may remember how you loved story time at the library when you were a kid. Many people have favorite memories that trace back to a library. The Toledo Library is no exception. With a dedicated toddler's room, a revolving calendar of events and an impressive collection of books and other materials, the Toledo Library offers toddlers a chance to learn...and it gives parents a well-deserved break.

    Story Time

    If you're looking for an activity to help your bored toddler, story time at the Toledo Library can do the trick. Story time is offered for children in a variety of age groups, including baby time for children 6 months to 24 months of age. Kids enjoy rhymes, stories and music while they learn early literacy skills. Preschool story time offers similar activities for kids 2 to 5 years. Family story time is engaging for the whole family. Story time is usually 30 minutes long -- just enough time to keep your little one engaged and give you a chance to unwind. Longer, themed story times may also be available.


    The Toledo Library occasionally hosts music programs for younger children. Some programs start at age 3. The host uses storytelling and music to keep kids entertained for 45 minutes. The Brown Bag Concert Series brings music entertainers to the downtown branch during the summer.

    Computer Activities

    If you thought your kid was too young for a computer, the Toledo Library attempts to prove you wrong! The Toledo Library has two computers specifically designated for toddlers. It also has another six stations that teach your young one early literacy skills. The library's website is also set up with an easy-to-use collection of sites for the youngest users that include educational sites and games.

    Play Dates

    If you want your toddler to make some new friends, or you could use some new friends yourself (and who doesn't?), you can schedule a play date through the library. This is available for kids ages 0 to 5. The play date can be as long as an hour and a half and kids play with toys and puzzles that the library provides.

    Reading Program

    During the summer, the Toledo Library features a reading program to give kids a chance to earn prizes as they read more books. Grand prizes are prizes such as video game systems and bikes. Readers who cannot yet read can still participate when their parents or an older sibling reads to them. See the look on your little boy's face as you read him, "The Little Engine That Could."

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