How to Undo Parental Controls on a Kindle Fire

by C. Taylor

    The Parental Controls feature on the Kindle Fire blocks access to certain functions of the device unless the correct passcode is entered. As the name implies, this feature is designed to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content or using restricted utilities such as a Web browser, but it’s also useful for restricting other adult users. When you no longer need to implement this protection, you can unblock individual features or disable the Parental Controls option entirely.

    Step 1

    Drag down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings menu.

    Step 2

    Tap "More" and select "Parental Controls."

    Step 3

    Enter the Parental Controls passcode.

    Step 4

    Tap "Off" in the Parental Controls section to disable the feature. Alternatively, tap "Blocked" next to any blocked feature to unblock it, or tap "Off" next to enabled protection features, such as Password Protect Purchases or Password Protect Wi-Fi, to disable them.

    Step 5

    Tap the "Back" icon to exit Parental Controls.


    • If you forgot your Parental Controls password, you'll have to reset the device, which will erase your settings and content. Tap "More" from the Quick Settings menu, select "Device" and choose "Reset to Factory Defaults."

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